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Electromagnetic Fields  (EMFs)

Due to fears about the health effects of the high power transmission lines next to the Mildred Strang Middle School, Yorktown Central School District installed an electromagnetic field remediation system in 2006.  The district is supposed to take electromagnetic field readings in the school every month to make sure the remediation system is reducing the electormagnetic fields inside the classrooms.


1993 EMF Survey of Mildred Strang Middle School


EMF Readings 2011 and Various Communications


High School EMF Readings 


Handwritten EMF Readings


Letter from Parents Concerning EMFs


Letter from Glen Johnson Concerning EMFs


Letter from Charles Keen about Defective Remediation System


Performance Report from Charles Keen about Remediation System


Communication from EMF Sub-Committeeon Broken EMF Meter


Dr Podolak's Communication from Charles Keen


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